“Paws For Pets” Pet Tincture

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Our favorite furry friends have endocannabinoid systems too. Just like you and the rest of the family, your pets can also benefit from adding some CBD into their lifestyle. By activating the endocannabinoid system with CBD, your pet can also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pet Size Chart:
Small Pet – 1 lb to 50 (250mg)
Medium Pet – 50 lb to 100(500mg)
Large Pet – 100 lb and above (750mg)


Our Pure CBD pet tinctures are specially formulated with all natural ingredients to offer all the benefits of our human-grade CBD tinctures, but with your pets in mind. Our Pure CBD Pet Tincture is a single compound formulation refined to a 99.7% level of purity, combined with MCT Coconut Oil to deliver an all-natural, plant derived CBD product that your pet will love.  Just like any other tincture product, Pure CBD Pet Tinctures can take 1-3 hours to reach full effect.

The combination of CBD & coconut oil may give a healthier coat and help eczema, may reduce allergies, may help to improve digestion, may help aid in symptom relief of separation anxiety (and/or generalized anxiety issues) and may aid in arthritis and ligament problems. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, do not worry, the Pure CBD Pet Tincture is gentle enough for all diets. Pet tinctures can offer up to 6-8 hours of relief from affiliated symptoms.

Pet Size Chart:
Small Pet – 1 lb to 50 (250mg)
Medium Pet – 50 lb to 100(500mg)
Large Pet – 100 lb and above (750mg)

Appalachian Cannabis Co. recommends that you consult your pet’s veterinarian before starting on a CBD regimen. A simple serving chart is included on packaging. Recommended dosing suggests starting with the lowest dose on our weight-dependent serving chart, and increasing dose if no relief is observed after 1-2 hours.

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** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **

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Tincture 250mg, Tincture 500mg, Tincture 750mg

3 reviews for “Paws For Pets” Pet Tincture

  1. Matthew Krafft (verified owner)

    My aging dog loves his peanut butter flavored CBD drops. They are excellent for his joint aches.

  2. Gillian (verified owner)

    Helps with our dog’s separation anxiety. A few drops on a treat seriously calms him (and makes him less likely to tear something up!)

  3. Gillian K (verified owner)

    Love this for our dog with separation anxiety

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