CBD Lotion *New Higher Concentrations!*


Our Unscented Pure CBD Lotions are formulated using 99% pure CBD and other natural ingredients to offer quick relief from mild to moderate aches, pains, and skin irritations. Check back soon for our new scent options!


Our CBD lotion is a combination of natural plant extracts and our best in class 99.7% pure, hemp derived CBD isolate that work together for maximum relief on sore muscles and joints. Along with the pain relieving benefits that CBD lotions can provide they can also be used to help with irritation, dryness, or itchiness caused by different skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Searching for relief from dry or irritated skin? Our CBD lotion is a fantastic moisturizer as well as an antioxidant that can protect you from harmful free radicals that attack your skin cells.

We will be releasing a brand new citrus scent soon! Our lotions are available in three different sizes: 2oz (250mg), 4oz (500mg), and our 8oz (1000mg). Our lotions absorbs into the skin quickly and won’t leave you feeling sticky or greasy.

Rub a small amount onto the affected areas after cleansing the skin. Reapply as needed.

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2oz, 250mg CBD, 4oz, 500mg CBD, 8oz, 1000mg CBD


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