These 15ml tinctures are a great travel-friendly option! Each bottle contains 125mg of either our 99.7% Pure CBD or Full Spectrum Hemp Extract suspended in Medical Grade Coconut Oil.
Tinctures are administered sublingually, absorbing through the salivary glands in 15-20 minutes. These droppers contain the most precise dosage measurements, allowing you to start small and slowly increase to determine your individual dosage amount. Dosage amount can vary greatly between individuals depending on type and severity of symptoms. Some symptoms respond to 5-10mg or less; the most severe may require upwards of 100-125mg; but most adults find their threshold between 10-50mg.

With each tincture purchase, we’ll include a “recommended dosing” card for your convenience.

Additional information

Tincture 15ml

Pure CBD 125mg, Full Spectrum 125mg


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