Our proprietary blend for our Pure CBD Beard Oil was cultivated after months of research and is made with only the finest natural blends of oils. Simply put, it is the best Beard Oil on the market. Our Pure CBD Beard Oil is designed to be very lightweight and will help keep beard hair conditioned and shiny. Because it’s a lightweight blend, it won’t weigh down your beard or feel greasy. This premium product will hydrate and maintain your beard while delivering the potential benefits of Pure CBD to your hair and skin. It may even ease redness, itching, and discomfort.

Benefits may include: Minimized redness, reduced irritation, decreased “itchy” feeling, softer and more nourished hair, control of loose hairs, many compliments on the masculine bourbon sandalwood scent of your beard, managed beard that will not lose shape during manly activities, making new friends because of the healthy and handsome appearance of your beard

Directions: Massage Appalachian Cannabis Company CBD Beard Oil into your beard immediately after showering or cleansing for maximum results. Use CBD Beard Oil to sculpt your beard and manage loose hairs. For redness or itching from shaving or trimming, rub CBD Beard Oil close to the skin. CBD Beard Oil is for topical use only.

Ingredients:  Premium Pure CBD, peppermint supreme essential oil, golden jojoba oil, orange bitter essential oil, proprietary blend, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and tea tree essential oil.

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