Our salves use a combination of natural plant extracts and hemp derived CBD that work together to offer a cooling and soothing relief for sore muscles and joints. We highly recommend our salves to help soothe moderate to severe deep tissue pain.



Full spectrum salves are formulated with our pure hemp extract. Users experience a cooling, soothing effect from the menthol and other natural essential oils while our special hemp extract utilizes all of the cannabinoids for an extra strength “entourage” effect on painful muscles and joints.

We offer four different sizes in our Full Spectrum Salve: ½ oz (125mg), 1oz (250mg), 2oz (500mg), and 4oz (750mg)

Directions: Apply a small amount to the affected areas after cleansing the skin.

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.5oz, 125mg, 1oz, 250mg, 2oz, 500mg, 4oz, 750mg


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