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Introducing our Appalachian Cannabis wax melts! Each one of these melts is hand poured and infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract derived from hemp grown in the Appalachian Mountains. Choose from 4 different intoxicating scents, each providing a different feeling of Springtime. Our ACC Melts are the perfect blend of 100% soy wax, skin-safe fragrance and Full spectrum Hemp Extract to not only provide long lasting invigorating aromas but to also be used as a skin moisturizer or massage wax! Soy wax is rich in hydrating vitamins like Vitamin E to keep your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated while our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits. Just pop one of the leaves or a portion of our Appalachian Cannabis melt into a tealight or electric wax warmer and let the aroma sweep you away to your favorite Springtime memory or a destination you have always dreamed of visiting. To use as a skin moisturizer, make sure to cool the wax slightly before applying directly to skin.

White Strawberry Kush– One of the best parts of spring is the excitement of fresh fruit! Juicy, Sweet, Delicious fresh fruit! Our White Strawberry Kush Candle is a unique blend of succulent strawberry, tropical fruits, vanilla, notes of white tea, mandarin and ginger all combined with the terpene profiles from our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Light one up while you enjoy your favorite flavor CBD gummy and let it transport you to a relaxing getaway at a strawberry field in Cali, or your favorite memory of cold strawberry tea on a warm spring night. White Strawberry Kush has α-pinene which can exhibit anti-anxiety properties!

Beach Cookies– The perfect blend of mint, citrus, and oakmoss with tropical undertones combined with our terpene rich full spectrum hemp extract gives Beach Cookies a fresh aroma that is uplifting and invigorating and will fill your room with the scent of crisp sea air, and citrus fruits. Light one up and take one of our AM Pure CBD Capsules or have a fresh cup of CBD coffee help motivate you to start your spring cleaning or planning for your dream Mediterranean vacation. Beach Cookies has eucalyptol which has shown to beneficial for memory and focus!

Jasmine OG– There is nothing more reminiscent of a warm spring night than the smell of budding bushes and blooming flowers. Our Jasmine OG marries notes of jasmine, violet, honeysuckle and lemon with the terpene blend in our full spectrum hemp extract to deliver the aroma of a beautiful, springtime bouquet. Light this handcrafted candle while you enjoy your favorite strain of hemp flower to soothe your mind, relax your body and transform any room into a Persian garden. Jasmine OG has nerolidol which has been shown to be an effective sleep aid!

Purple Haze-Envelope yourself in the deep, rich scent of Purple Haze. Hints of black cherry, plum, vanilla and musk are beautifully blended with our full spectrum hemp extract to dance together in this warm, inviting fragrance.  This scent is just right to melt your worries away and set the mood for a cozy evening at home. Light one up and use with one of our CBD bath bombs for a relaxing at-home spa experience, or bottle of our pure CBD massage oil to share with that special someone. Purple Haze contains Linalool which promotes calm and relaxation!

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