CBD Cannamani Cubes


Treat yourself to a luxury spa service at home. Wash away the stress of the day in a soak  of refreshing wintergreen and peppermint. The graceful trio of CBD, Epsom Salt, and almond oil may take away aches and dry skin. Meanwhile, wintergreen and peppermint oil alleviate your stress. One cube is all you need for a soak that will change your day. One jar will provide 50 MG of pure CBD.


CBD Cannamani Cubes will help you treat yourself to a luxury spa service from the comfort of your own home. These little cubes quickly dissolve in warm water to offer a harmonious quartet of CBD, Epsom Salt, Coconut oil, and nourishing Almond Oil while natural wintergreen and peppermint oils work together to help alleviate your stress.

One cube is all you need for a soak that will turn your day around. Each of our little CBD Cannamani Cubes contains 5mg of 99.7% Pure CBD, made from the finest Appalachian grown Hemp. CBD Cannamani Cubes utilize Pure CBD to assist in soothing away achy joints, skin inflammation, and muscle pain. Meanwhile, Epsom Salt, coconut oil, and Almond Oil help to hydrate cuticles and dry nails, and replenish much-needed moisture to your hands and/or feet! This product is so gentle (made with no harsh chemicals or irritants), it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin.

5mg of Pure CBD per cube, 10 cubes per jar.

How To Use: Dissolve one cube in hand-soaking tub. Soak hands for five minutes and pat dry with a towel. For the freshest experience, use mani cubes within six months of purchasing.

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