AM & PM capsules are made using the highest quality ingredients. Our capsules are pre-measured into accurate doses for your convenience.

AM capsule blend is formulated with 25mg of Pure CBD and 100mg of Caffeine.
PM capsule blend is formulated with 25mg of Pure CBD and 10mg of Melatonin.

These water-soluble capsules are made with coconut powder for maximum absorption, and are a great addition to an active, healthy lifestyle.



These hemp-derived, powder capsules metabolize through the digestive system within an hour. These are available in two different formulations, AM & PM, and are available to purchase in 10 count or 30 count options.

Directions: AM capsules can be taken first thing in the morning, and PM can be taken up to an hour before bed. Capsules can be taken with or without food, but we recommend taking the AM capsule with breakfast for maximum absorption.

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10 Count, 30 Count


AM Capsules, PM Capsules


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