1g Hemp Flower


Our 1g Grab Bags are filled with one gram of juicy, hand-picked hemp flower buds, perfect to share (or keep to yourself).

1g Grab Bags will ship to you in a labeled, heat-sealed, odor-resistant pack.

**Smokable flower products are only available where state and local laws allow. As of August 2020, we cannot ship smokable hemp flower to customers in Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, and Indiana. Please contact us at (304) 776-2221 for questions or concerns**

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The original Full Spectrum product; our smokable CBD Hemp flower offers the whole plant experience, as well as a great method to unwind and de-stress.

Smoking hemp flower is the fastest and most effective delivery method to get the full spectrum of cannabinoids into your system. When inhaled, smokable CBD Hemp flower makes direct contact with the lungs, and goes straight into the bloodstream. Smoking hemp is a great way to calm your body and ease your mind quickly, instead of waiting to feel the effects. Many people describe the feeling as a “non-intoxicating body high”. Smoking hemp flower is one of the most natural ways to experience the healing benefits of the plant without the psychoactive/mind altering effects.
Our high CBD, low THC hemp flower is grown locally. We offer a variety of cultivars, locally sourced from right here in the Appalachian Mountains; to ensure quality, we monitor everything from growing to processing.

1g Grab Smokable CBD Hemp Flower Bags are available in the following strain options:


  • Country Roads (55/45 Hybrid I)- Cultivated in wild & wonderful WV, our Country Roads strain is one of the newest to our smokable hemp flower line-up. Our Country Roads genetics have shown that this strain can help keep you focused and relaxed. Country Roads tastes peppery and fruity, containing large amounts of the terpenes Caryophyllene and Terpinolene. This strain contains 12.5% CBD content. Our staff recommends this as an afternoon smoke; Grab this in place of your afternoon caffeine fix!
  • Mountain Mama (70/30  Indica)- One of our more popular selling strain, cultivated in wild & wonderful WV, our Mountain Mama genetics have shown that this strain can help keep you calm and focused. The premium Mountain Mama is loaded with the terpenes Pinene and Terpinolene, which makes it taste piney and fruity. This strain contains 14.2% CBD content. Our staff recommends this as an evening smoke; perfect to take the edge off after a long work day.
  • Cherry Blossom (55/45 Hybrid I)- The newest strain to our lineup, Cherry Blossom is one of our most balanced strains, whether you need it for day or night! Containing a generous amount of Pinene and Myrcene terpenes, it has a sweet, berry filled flavor that carries through the whole experience. With a bit over 15% CBD content, you only need a little bit to be able to get back to your day.  Our staff recommends this as an an all day smoke; perfect to help with your aches and anxiety to get you back to your day fast!
  • Hempress (70/30 Indica)- Packed with flavor, our Hempress genetics have been shown to help keep you focused while alleviating a stressful day. Hempress is loaded with the terpenes Pinene and Linalool, which gives it a piney with a hint of a floral undertone taste. This strain contains over a 15.2%  CBD content. Our staff recommends this as an evening smoke; perfect to take the edge off after a long work day.

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Mountain Mama, Country Roads, Cherry Blossom, Hempress


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