Δ8 Infused Premium Pre-Roll (1g)


Our Δ8 Infused Premium Pre-Rolls are filled with a gram of juicy, hand-picked hemp flower buds.

We will ship to you in a labeled, heat-sealed, odor-resistant pack.

Please make sure to order in accordance to your state’s laws around Delta 8 THC. For the time being, we can’t ship to the following states:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Louisiana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, and Utah.

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The original Full Spectrum product; our high CBD, smokable hemp flower offers the whole plant experience, as well as a great method to unwind and de-stress.  For our newest offering, we have infused our premium hemp flowers with Δ8  THC, allowing for the benefits of both the CBD and Δ8 THC to work together for you!

Smoking hemp flower is the fastest and most effective delivery method to get the full spectrum of cannabinoids into your system. When inhaled, smokable CBD Hemp flower makes direct contact with the lungs, and goes straight into the bloodstream. Smoking hemp is a great way to calm your body and ease your mind quickly, instead of waiting to feel the effects. In addition to the CBD benefits,  Δ8 THC helps reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, and provide additional analgesic benefits. For people that deal with anxiety caused from the use of Δ9 THC products, Δ8 THC does not create the same feeling, no matter whether it is a sativa, hybrid, or Indica. Smoking hemp flower is one of the most natural ways to experience the healing benefits of the plant.

Our premium hemp flower is grown locally. We offer a variety of cultivars, locally sourced from right here in the Appalachian Mountains; to ensure quality, we monitor everything from growing to processing.

Our Δ8 Infused Premium Pre-rolls are available in the following smokable strain options:


  • Sour Space Candy (70/30 Sativa)- 31% D8! Our genetics have shown that Sour Space Candy can help uplift and energize you. Sour Space Candy tastes fruity and herbal, containing large amounts of the terpenes Terpinolene and Myrcene. Myrcene has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and terpinolene  boasts anti-bacterial and  anti-fungal benefits. This strain is comprised of 8.5% CBD content as well as 31% Delta 8! Our staff recommends this as a day-time smoke; perfect for a busy day around the house.
  • Bubba Kush (90/10 Indica)- 10+% D8! Our Bubba Kush strain is hot off the farm and sure to be one of your new favorites! Our genetics show that it is a heavy Indica, with 11 % CBD and 10 % Delta 8, making it the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Ease your  body with Bubba Kush’s tranquil, relaxing effects while your mind is soothed with dreamy euphoria! Bubba Kush is high in Caryophyllene giving it a spicy and warm taste and scent.  Did you know that caryophyllene is the only terpene that can bind to receptors in the Endocannabinoid system? It has a great affinity for  CB2 receptors making it a powerful anti-inflammatory! So if you are looking for something to ease your aches and pains and calm your mind then our staff suggests you look no further than our new Bubba Kush strain.
  • White Widow (55/45 Sativa)- 33+% D8! White Widow is one of the most well-known cannabis strains in the world. With buds coated in white resin full of Caryophyllene and Myrcene terpenes, it’s a great all-day smoke! With the combination of terpenes this strain has, it does a great job helping with inflammation, while keeping you alert and aware. With the balance of energy, creativity and euphoria this stain has, you may just end up having more long-winded conversations then you knew you could have. While a bit lower in CBD %, this crop has our highest D8 concentration yet!
  • Grape Ape (80/20 Indica)- 27+% D8! Newest to our line-up just in time for 4/20, Grape Ape is named for its noticeably fruity, grape-like smell. This strain is well known for the balance of pain, stress, and anxiety relief. With dense, compact buds full of Linalool and Myrcene terpenes, it’s a balanced evening smoke! With the combination of terpenes this strain has, it does a great job helping with inflammation, while helping to keep your pain and stress down.
  • More options coming soon!

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Strain Options

Sour Space Candy, Bubba Kush, White Widow, Grape Ape


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